Support Baldy/Galena Repeater System

From Joe Yelda!
Hey Everyone, just wanted to let all of you know to mark the date Saturday Nov 10 for the fund raiser/party to support the Baldy/Galena repeater system. This is a potluck, BYOB event.
As you know this repeater system is funded entirely by donations. This summer saw the repeater system used a number of times for back-country rescue when it was the only communications.
The party starts at 6:30 pm at the Sweetwater community center in Hailey. We are planning live music and a raffle with a lot of swag including a new RADIO!!!! If you can raise any donations (restaurant gift, back-country gear, fun event tickets,whatever etc. please email me and I will pick up).
There will be a testing for general and tech license at 5:30 before the event. So if anyone wants to test now is the time to study, study, and study!!! And then study more!!
We will also have on hand to view a custom built roll up wire antenna (cost $22) for your handheld that works great. We have tried it out on a number of events and in the SNRA with great results. All of you back-country guys should have one in your backpack.  Thanks again for your support.

3 thoughts on “Support Baldy/Galena Repeater System

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