VERY important STUFF!

Hello everyone,
Nice to finally have a chill in the air!
We have some GBSP events coming up that I’d like you to know about and I hope you can participate in.
  1. The yurt desperately needs firewood. We would like several people to help with wood splitting, stacking, and hauling. If you have a chainsaw or ATV/ATV trailer, bring it, or donate it for the cause. Poster has offered to dump a pile of wood off the highway if we can haul it up there. Wow! Thanks Brian! This event will be on Saturday October 27th. We will meet at the YMCA parking lot at 8:30am if you’d like to ride-share. If nothing else, bring your leather work gloves and sustenance for the day. BTW, if you use the yurt, you should be there!
  2. We need to have a Fall meeting. This is usually early November, but I’m swamped till mid-November. I’m temporarily suggesting Wednesday November 14th, unless any active members object. Place and time to be determined.
  3. Mountain Symposium. I don’t know too much about this yet, but it will be the evening of November 17th. Word on the street is that we should set up an informational table for recruitment. We will need people to help with this. I’ll send out more info when I get it or if anyone else knows, send it my way.
 REMINDER! The OEC Refresher day is November 10th.

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