Fort Report

The calendar below lists the nights that people are staying at the yurt. This does not mean that more people cannot stay, you know how many people it sleeps so feel free to visit the member page and contact a person that is staying on a night that you are and see if it is all good!

Or you can just sign-up and/or leave a comment below with a list of people and the nights and we will update the list of people!

Also, when you return from the yurt please LEAVE a comment below for what the next person(s) needs to bring to the yurt. The next person should come back here, leave a comment telling everyone what they have brought in – then the comments will be deleted/updated upon completion!

Yurt Calendar

Yurt Night(s) Member(s)
December 13 Maureen & Peter Pressley (overnight)

17 thoughts on “Fort Report

  1. Hello All! Matt Hansen and I will be going up with 10 people Monday Dec. 29, 2014 for an overnight. We will be cleaned up and out of there by 10 am December 30. Will report back with updates. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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  3. Hey everyone-

    A few of us skinned up on tuesday to the hut, we cleaned her up a bit, but she could use a bit of work and some supplies. If you are headed up there, here is a list of things to consider bringing to help restock:

    Hut Needs:
    -few rolls extra of TP
    -Paper Towels
    -new sponges, the other ones are fried and pretty dingy
    -small bottle of bleach
    -some more coffee, some was left out and the mice went to town on it
    -D batteries for the CD player if you plan on using it.
    -Candlesticks, also any candles of various size.
    -There seems to be enough white gas right now for the lanterns, but if you happen to have some and are crusing up it wouldnt hurt for backstock
    -long lighters
    -tin foil

    Thanks and Pray for Snow!

    Meredith Richardson and Matt Hansen


  4. Hey Everyone-
    Our trip up north went over splendidly! Actually got some good runs in on suicide bowl and our exit out avi bowl was closer to a groomer run on baldy than anything, but fun nonetheless. Ward could not find your bottle you left behind…searched high and low. Anyone headed up next should probably bring some more candlesticks and TP. We brought a roll in and left it up there for the next crew. Other than that, she’d operating just fine up there! Enjoy the rest of spring everyone!


  5. Hey Everyone-

    I spoke to Bruce and I am reserving the hut for the nights of March 28-30. I think there will be 8 of us up there, all certified and multiple WFR and EMTS as well. Ward can you fill me in on what I need to bring up supply wise once you and Erin get back? Lamp oil…etc? What kind of fuel do those lamps take…are they oil or white gas, i cant remember?


    Meredith Richardson


    1. The snow was nice this weekend with the 8″ or so during week plus a little more Friday. A crust has been developing on the solar aspects latter in the afternoon, but northern slopes stayed soft. We brought in lamp oil. The candelabra are a nice touch but the candles have burned out—they need 8 candlesticks total. Also, there are no paper towels. Please don’t forget to push out the pools condensation from the liner with a broom before you leave!


    1. I now have a schedule change, is there any chance you would like to swap nights? If not, no problem, I don;t want to make it difficult at all for you!


  6. i’m planning to go up sat & sun 1/26-27. i’ll bring salt, a small hand sanitizer for the latrine, maybe a third wash tub, and newspaper (per Rick). anything else? BTW i used the smaller wash tub to cover the utensil tray on leaving sunday. it seemed to fit ok; we’ll see if it kept the rodents out. also, i left some visqueen in a bench that we used as an underliner for the snow cave.


  7. I went to the hut Sat, Jan 19. I replaced the stove pipe elbow, cleaned the pipe and stove, lubed all working parts. Fired it up: all’s good.
    I also took in 3 chairs and most of the items on the needed list (1 gal white gas, etc) .
    The stove tends to smoke inside the hut when the stove door is opened. To diminish this: build the first fire with lots of paper, kindling, and a full load of wood. Open vents all the way, light, close door. Do not open door until fire has burned hot and is in need of a second load of wood. Open door a crack, let air enter, then open door. Only open door to load stove completely with wood.
    Hut needs: kerosene for sauna lantern, multi-tip screwdriver set, newspaper, paper plates.


    1. nice work on the stove pipe–the only improvement i see would be to replace the log round supporting the elbow with a screw jack or something. i’ll see if i can’t get to the barkin basement before this weekend–unless someone has something that will work..?


  8. from RICK BARKER;
    I spent the night of 1/5/13 at the hut. The stove pipe elbow is extremely weak, rusted out, and hardly connected. It needs to be replaced, ideally with an elbow with a clean out to allow cleaning the pipe and elbow. The hut needs: matches, lighter, paper towels, salt (I did not find Ward’s kosher salt), white gas, gas funnel, and kerosene. Some chairs would be nice.


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